Thursday, October 6, 2011

Own a Color, Save a Life

   We are in love with color and when we heard about the chance to purchase a color to help Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund, we jumped on it!  This is such a great way to raise money for children in need worldwide. 

How it works:

 1.  Go to the Own a ColorWeb Site.  Pick a color, any color (that is, any one that has not already been purchased).
      You get to name your color and why you chose it.  You are then asked to describe your color in one  word.  The color name, meaning, and description will all appear under the color you choose after you complete the process.  You can also choose to gift a color to someone, which is a great idea!

       2.  Choose a donation amount
            You can donate as little as $1.54 (£1 GBP/ 1.14 EUR)

       3.  Enter your payment information & that’s it! You are now the proud owner of a color!

            The whole process is fast, easy, & a great way to raise money for children in need.  We chose color #d65b0f a.k.a. “Orange You a Hokie.”  We are proud graduates of Virginia Tech & chose this color whereas orange and maroon are our alma mater’s school colors.  You can visit your color as often as you like on the website and see what other colors people have chosen :)  We would love to hear your favorite colors!  Give us a tweet @GraphicSugar & let us know! 


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