Friday, April 20, 2012

M-I-C-K-E Why?

When I was young my dad used to have a Mickey Mouse phone at his office that he used as his “private unlisted” number alongside his other regular phones. He'd give me the number so I could call if I ever needed to reach him and didn't want to go through everyone else at the company. A few years before he retired he took it home with him and set it up in the house. For some reason that phone was very special to him, but I'll never know why.

So it was with great hilarity on a recent trip to the local antique shop I found the exact same phone!

And then, amazingly I found another...

And then they just kept on coming...

Obviously the Mickey phone is not a rare item. Two of these phones were being sold in booths opposite each other in some sort of “buy me first” contest like they were actually facing off. But I found it hilarious none the less. It brought a smile to my face to remember how much that phone meant to my dad and now if I ever decide I want to own that phone again I'm pretty sure I know where to find one.


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