Friday, April 13, 2012

Titanic turns 100!

   When we found out Titanic was being re-released in the theater, we were so excited!  I have been in love with that movie and the whole Titanic story since I first saw the film in 1997.  Ever since Jack and Rose, I have immersed myself in the history of Titanic, learning everything I can about the grandiose ship, her passengers & their stories.  I even tracked down & wrote to the then surviving passengers (unfortunately every one of them was returned with could not deliver).  There’s just something that really stuck with me about the tragic event that April night in 1912.  Titanic’s 100th Anniversary is just around the corner & needless to say, this week has been flooded with television programs about Titanic from Jim Cameron’s (the filmmaker) Last Word to the “Guarantee Group” who were the ship’s go-to men in case of problems.  Want to learn more? Check these out...

(Ironically, the History Channel will also air Modern Marvels: Shipyards & Modern Marvels: Ice April 15th)

     I have seen the film about 10 times in the theater, countless times in total, and still need a box of tissues every time.  Titanic is a story of love, ambition, pride, selfishness, selflessness, life, and death.  The stories within the stories are awe-inspiring and are valuable lessons to generations past, present, & future.  Everyone takes something away from this story, which is one of the many reasons I have become so connected with Titanic. 

   At the moment, I am currently reading The Wreck and Sinking of the Titanic by Marshall Everett, which gives an in depth look at survivor accounts and personal narratives.

   Captivating new details arise all the time... One of my favorites is the little known fact about the dogs of Titanic.  Who knew?!  Twelve canines called Titanic home for a short time, three of which survived the sinking!  One woman jumped out of a lifeboat when she was told her dog was too large to board with her.  A few days later, her body was recovered still embracing her loved companion.  No pugs were on board, but to see which breeds were, read all about it here!

Titanic By the Numbers. The History Channel website. 2012. Available at: Accessed Apr 12, 2012.  Infographic by Column Five  
 Here's to making it count!

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